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"Women's Work" is a compelling exploration that celebrates the ingenuity and brilliance of artists who have reclaimed and redefined the concept of 'women's work'. Throughout the history of western art, decorative and applied arts, such as textiles and ceramics, have been marginalized and considered more suitable for women, while painting and sculpture have been deemed as 'high arts'. However, a transformative shift has occurred as artists have boldly reclaimed these materials and techniques, infusing them with expressions of identity and imagination. This book tells the story of this radical change, shining a spotlight on modern and contemporary artists who defied the hierarchical norms and, through experimentation and innovation, revolutionized their mediums. By doing so, these artists have reaffirmed the enduring significance of these art forms within the broader history of art, championing 'women's work' as potent and worthy of celebration. With comprehensive biographical entries on each featured artist and stunning images of their artworks, "Women's Work" elevates the contributions of these visionary and groundbreaking artists, delving into their stories and examining their artistic legacies.

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