Stussy Holiday 2017 Drop 1

 The Holiday 2017 collection is a strong departure from its sportier predecessors. It’s equal parts function and futurism, with classic utilitarian styles perfectly stretched and manipulated to defy temporal boundaries. This season has you exceptionally well taken care of in the case of a cool Fall breeze, offering a comprehensive range of mid-weight long sleeves and thermals to keep you nice and warm.


Modelling the latest Stussy Holiday ’17 collection is Natalie, she’s a young designer to watch.  She recently completed her studies in fashion design and plans to move to Paris in the new year for further studies. Natalie has already started working on her own collection, Royal Agathoclea which is inspired by the Egyptian queen.


But first, we wanted to know…


What is your favorite Stüssy piece from the Holiday collection?

The Bronze Tracksuit set: 3M Piping Pullover and 3M Piping Pants


What sneakers are you rockin’ at the moment?

Adidas by RAF SIMONS ‘Ozweego 2’


Outfit or Sneakers first?

Depends… When I’m going out I tend to choose my sneakers first and then find the right outfit to compliment them but normally I choose my outfit first


Who’s your current style influences?

@gracejonesofficial  @slickwoods


What’s your favorite emoji?



Model @wavey_yukio