Ned Flanders said it best when he told us his favorite base layer felt like wearing nothing at all because that’s how clothes should make us feel – comfy and light. Unless it’s cold duh then wear a big ‘ole sweater.

Since its inception in 2012, Baserange has been on a journey to create modern, minimalist silhouettes, with clean lines, and easy-to-wear versatile looks. Beyond just looking and feeling fantastic, this adventurous young brand has committed much of its decade-long journey in fashion to discovering, innovating and implementing novel ways to reduce the environmental impact of production. Whether it’s water consumption, the dyes, or the packaging, this vibrant brand is finding novel ways to do them as well, and as consciously as possible. Collaborating closely with manufacturers and suppliers, Baserange works to ensure its pieces are brought to life from organic fibres and recycled content. Hallmarks of Baserange’s style can be seen in their novel approach to wardrobe essentials like tees, underwear, tank tops and long sleeves. In each, Baserange prioritizes comfort, natural materials and clean silhouettes above all.

We’re very excited to stock Baserange at NAKED Copenhagen and you can shop this exciting brand online and in-store now!