We love fashion and we celebrate it, not just because it looks cool, but because on a deeper level good fashion says more than the sum of its part. Good fashion has layers, physically and metaphorically, but often that inherent talent takes years to develop and mature, but not if you’re STAMM. Born firing on all cylinders this incredibly exciting brand was founded in our home town of Copenhagen back in 2022, and it’s only moved from strength to strength since.

Described by founder Elisabet Stamm as ‘truck poetry’, STAMM’s pieces are all built atop a foundation of energy, empowerment and sincere expression. STAMM’s creations inherently come to life as dualistic concepts that offer striking contrasts between opposing themes like softness v coarseness, light v dark, calm v dynamic, and truck v couture. Inspired by her family’s globe trotting past, the exchange part of STAMM’s identity drives the constant exchange of ideas and experiences that inspire every single piece in every new collection. Having won the ZSA Zalando Sustainability Award back in 2023, STAMM has earned the right to be a brand to watch for a very long time, and we are so very excited to be stocking them at NAKED Copenhagen. Shop new arrivals from STAMM online and in-store.

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