Founded by Marie Mark in 2019, Kernemilk is a Copenhagen-based brand born from a desire to create fashion differently. Uncompromising when it comes to aesthetics and quality of materials, Kernemilk works with sustainability as a pillar of its identity by ensuring offcuts are used in later seasons to create new silhouettes.

A prolific dancer before founding Kernemilk, Marie Mark has infused this passion into her label by making the lines of the body a central element in their designs. At the core of this motivation is the desire to make women feel good about their bodies. When working with the cuts and shapes of their apparel, Kernemilk places an emphasis on designing garments everyone can wear with a focus on comfort. Kernemilk embraces imperfection as a facet of everyday beauty and through this hopes to change the face of what exactly fashion is, or what it can be.