Keep it old skool

A feeling of something new and exciting often occurs at Christmas time and new years - yet, it's important to keep it old skool at some moments, just like in these snapshots where Sara is rocking Vans' iconic silhouettes. So power through winter with these popular and seasonless Vans styles, and read more about Copenhagen-based artist Sara below, who is modeling this editorial.


Which Vans silhouette is your favorite?

The Old Skool Platform


Who’s your current style influence?

At the moment I’m a big fan of @delablanca_ and @maria_bernad. They are both super cool and their outfits are very inspiring!


What’s your favorite emoji?

😈 Just because it feels like the most emoji version of me.


How will you be spending the Christmas holidays?

I will be going back to Norway to see my family and my amazing little dog! I also plan to eat tons of food and maybe climb a mountain while I’m there.


What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Realizing stuff… No. I’m looking forward to getting to know Copenhagen better! Mostly I look forward to evolving my personal style and creativity, combined with lots of beautiful moments with the people I love.