We probably all have a perfume we apply religiously every morning before work, or school, because not only can these scents be calming, but the ceremony of it makes up a foundational part of our day-to-day. The only problem is, that our perception of what perfume is or can be, and what ingredients can be incorporated to make a scent, are a bit narrow.

For UNIFROM™, their passion for scents comes from lived and shared experiences, experiences cultivated in the multi-cultural environments of Sweden’s high-rises. Founder Haisam Mohammed was inspired by the plethora of spices and smells that would drift through the concrete stairwells and the feelings of safety and home that they inspired. Working with this novel approach to perfume, UNIFROM™ has quickly established itself as an irrepressibly unique voice in an industry where change is hard to come by.

Fragrances from UNIFROM™ are all oil-based, applied with a slick roll-on or by hand, and thanks to this tend to be softer on our skin than alcohol-based perfumes. As if being alcohol-free wasn’t enough, UNIFROM™s fragrances also use quality, 100% vegan ingredients, before being blended in Grasse, France – the perfume capital of the world.

Discover a new sensory experience with UNIFROM™ now available online and in-store at NAKED Copenhagen Store Regnegade 2.