Rizzoli Brain Dead: Clothing for a Curious Life Green,Yellow

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Brain Dead, contrary to its name, is a vibrant and intellectually stimulating brand that draws inspiration from the natural world, diverse subcultures, and occasionally obscure horror films. Founded in 2014 by Kyle Ng and Ed Davis in sunny Los Angeles, Brain Dead quickly gained popularity and assembled a talented global team of artists and designers, captivating fans worldwide. Deeply rooted in the underground scene of LA, Brain Dead has collaborated with renowned entities such as Magic The Gathering, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Marvel, and NTS Radio. Additionally, they have partnered with esteemed brands including Reebok, Converse, A.P.C., the North Face, Asics, Dickies, Kiko Kostadinov, and Oakley. This book serves as a chronicle of the brand's formation and evolution, showcasing its collaborations with a diverse roster of artists, musicians, filmmakers, and designers. With its brilliantly designed pages, reminiscent of classic underground zine culture, this volume showcases the magical creations of Brain Dead. It is an essential read for anyone seeking a glimpse into a more inspired and imaginative world.
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