New Balance 990

There's always room in the rotation for one more pair of New Balance 990s. This timeless model has earned its place as a staple in women's fashion, popular amongst everyone from Scandinavian Instagram models to moms on carpool duty.  First released in 1982, the 990 series has bridged the gap between comfortable chunky "dad sneakers" and urban streetwear, growing to include five different iterations, including the 990V1, 990V2, 990V3, 990V4, and 990V5, in various colorways, the most popular of which is New Balance's signature grey.
New Balance 990GL5 Grey 23568

New Balance 990GL5

Price from 192 USD 192 USD
New Balance 990BK5 Black/Silver 23561

New Balance 990BK5

Price from 192 USD 192 USD
New Balance 990NV5 Navy 24852

New Balance 990NV5

Price from 192 USD 192 USD
New Balance 990VS2 Grey/Red 44198

New Balance 990VS2

Price from 248 USD 248 USD
New Balance 990VS1 Grey/Red Sneakers 43998

New Balance 990VS1

Price from 224 USD 224 USD