Nadia Wire

A graduate of the incredibly prestigious textile design school at Central Saint Martins in London, Danish designer Nadia Wire spent her years right after college working at a host of prestigious labels. Throughout her studies and time working at various fashion houses, Nadia became a keen knitwear specialist and decided to return to Denmark in 2020 and open her own eponymous label.

But Nadia didn’t want her brand to be just another cog in the machine, she wanted to do something different. From her experience in the industry, she saw just how much waste there was at every point in the supply chain and she wanted to tackle that. Establishing her knit factory just outside of Copenhagen proper, Nadia Wire established her label as entirely made to order, opting for a slow-made approach to fashion that ensures no pieces are ever superfluous. On a stylistic front, Nadia’s designs are as intricate as they are beautiful. Building on her knitwear experience each piece dazzles with gorgeous fabrics and colors with an eye to create fashion that adapts to your body, making them designs that can suit everyone.