Dr. Martens

Born in the 60s as a symbol of working-class pride, Dr. Martens’ iconic styles soon became adopted by various subcultures in the 70s and 80s before exploding onto the global music scene in the 90s. Known for their comfort, craftsmanship, and durability, Dr. Martens remains a symbol of rebellious self-expression more than six decades after the first pair of boots rolled off the production line.

Embodying that rebellious spirit we have the iconic Dr. Martens Vintage 1460, a premium full-grain leather boot accented by Dr.Martens’ signature electric yellow welt stitching. The blank canvas of the Dr Martens boot throughout the years has offered a canvas for creative self-expression whether through distressing of the leather or even painting. Continuing the signature touches, Dr. Martens’ signature ‘Air Wair With Bouncing Soles’ tagline is embroidered in electric yellow atop the heel tag. Or if you’re not feeling the high tops like the 1460 Pascal, 1460 Vintage, or Dr. Martens Barton maybe the premium low-top Dr. Martens Vintage 1461 is more your style. Rocking with the same premium leather upper and electric yellow stitching these low-top Dr. Martens sandals and Dr. Martens loafers like the Adrian Snaffle or Jorge Slingback shoe are perfect for your summer rotation.