Founded in 1908 in Massachusetts, Converse has gained worldwide recognition for its instantly recognizable Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette. Legends both on and off the court, the company has since 1921 been a leading light in the sneaker scene thanks to the efforts of Charles H. Taylor, or as you might know him, “Chuck”. Chuck was a former pro basketball player and after joining Converse he established the All Star basketball range and would tour the US with a team of other pros showing the strengths of the Converse All Star.

In later years, it would take on the name of Chuck Taylor in honor of the man himself, and by the 80s, Converse would be the dominant name in the NBA. Thanks to the Converse All-Star and then Chuck Taylor, Converse high-tops dominated the hardwood and the streets, gracing the feet of rock legends like the Rolling Stones, Kurt Cobain, and The Ramones. Having been an icon for well over a century, you can rest assured that a pair of Converse All Stars is going to have your sneaker rotation looking more than respectable. Emblematic of their transcendent style, Converse continues to collaborate with generational talents like Comme Des Garcons, J.W. Anderson, Neighbourhood, and Tyler the Creator’s GOLF le FLEUR*.