A Sneak Peek with Polina Vinogradova

‘A Sneak Peek With’ is a new short film series by Naked that celebrates inspiring and creatively driven women through their personal stories.


Polina Vinogradova, Photographer and Russian bad ass, made the move from St. Petersburg to outskirts of Copenhagen at age 16. New to the country, she wanted to integrate quickly into her new Danish life so she learned the language and moved into the city. Shortly after her move, she craved to be a part of the music scene that she left back in Russia. Her love for drum and bass led her to Copenhagen’s small music community in the underground party scene. It was during that time that she picked up a camera and began taking photos for popular Copenhagen nightclub Culture Box, where her love for nightlife photography blossomed.


Fast forward to 2009, she started working at VICE Denmark covering events, festivals and progressed into fashion where she got her first job with Scandinavian brand Bjorn Borg because they were fans of her nightlife photography.


Today she has an extensive portfolio of clients including Adidas, A.A. Spectrum, Puma, Reebok, Ganni, H&M, Jack & Jones, and the list goes on. She has even shot both of our very own Naked x Reebok ‘Dazed’ and Naked x Sk8-hi ‘Pastel Pack’ collaborations.



She attributes her success so far on her disciplined nature and strict upbringing. Copenhagen has allowed her to establish herself professionally in a small city where she says the distances are smaller so you can be more productive.


Polina is known for her kind of rowdy style, both in her commercial and nightlife photography. She really brings attitude into her photos which is what is so characteristic about her style. Also, Polina is an expert in using colors in her photography and the combination of her energy and color pallet is what attracts her audience in all the fields she is working.


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